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What makes OpBox structures special?
It’s a combination of the materials and the building system. 
Acadian Composite Materials is the source of the building materials, and we have worked closely with the technicians at OpBox to fine-tune the processes that are already making the construction industry more sustainable and buildings more resilient.

Acadian Composite Materials (ACM) is a designer and manufacturer of building materials that are

made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics. The manufacturing team has decades

of construction and manufacturing industry experience.

Building materials made from recycled PET plastics.


EDURA is our flagship construction material, which we’ve engineered to replace studs, sheathing, and insulation with a single structural panel. A building using our product exceeds Passive House air change standards, has unmatched thermal installation, and reduces on-site construction time by 90% -- a significant savings in time and money.

The EDURA building system is a proven system that accelerates the building cycle and reduces labor needs. It shortens and simplifies the supply chain and reduces environmental impact to better meet the challenges of a changing climate.

Acadian Composite Materials Maine

Conventional construction made of material such as wood is difficult to build, subject to degradation, expensive, heavy,

energy inefficient, and a needless use of our natural resources.

Quicker Assembly

Prefabricated all-in-one SIP panels plus half the project build time equals quicker deployment of your brand.


Stronger, Lighter,
More Mobile

Unmatched strength-to-weight ratio plus mobility equals confidence and flexibility.

Longer Lasting

Inert to water, insect, and mold damage plus virtually no maintenance equals longer lifespan.

More Efficient

Superior R-value compared to traditional materials plus HVAC options equals lower potential energy costs.

More Cost Effective

Comparable (or less) initial cost plus far longer lifespan equals significant cost savings.


Made Greener in Maine

100% recycled PET plastics that's PV- and EV-ready plus

regional distribution equals greener carbon footprint.

Contact us to learn about ACM
and our EDURA family of products.

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